Happy 2nd Birthday Merlin!!

To our Dog – Happy Birthday!


It’s magical how you changed our lives. Everyday you make us smile and laugh.

We have had good times and bad times, but whatever happened we stayed together.

Some people will say to care for a dog is a 24 hour job, but not for us.

For us being with you is a gift that lasts 24hrs a day.

For you it’s not necessary that we are rich or poor, or that we have a big or small home, neither if we have an expensive or cheap car. For you it doesn't matter.

All you want is to be loved. I promise you, we do! We love you!

We promise you that whatever happens in future, even if you are getting old, blind or sick, you will always be our dog!

Even though these are just words to you, which you cannot understand, you can feel our love to you everyday.

Anyways, let's remember the past two years together and celebrate your 2nd Birthday!

Happy Birthday Merlin! We love you!

Merlin Aragon vom weissen Wächter
Merlin's 2nd Birthday